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comment & add me first;
 you know the 'comment' part is so I'll know that you added me;
other than that I'll have no frakking idea;

so long and thanks for all the fish.
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christmas eve!!

Hey peopleee!! :D

Just dropping by to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I'm at Penedo right now, so yay xmas spirit all over!! Leave you with some pictures!! Happiness everyone! :)

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Photoshop time.

Icons, Header, and Wallpapers. The whole package.

29 icons;
-- ER
-- Maura Tierney
-- The Office
-- Lost
-- Jenna Fisher
-- John Kras.
-- Prison Break
-- Lauren Graham
-- Gilmore Girls (Luke/Lorelai)

4 headers;
-- Harry Potter OoTP Stills: Ginny Weasley
-- Prison Break: Michael & Sara
-- Disney Faeries: Tinkerbell
-- Stock: Sweet Escape

3 Wallpapers:
--1024x768: Booth & Brennan
--1024x768: Lauren Graham
--1024x768: Alexis Bledel

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I come in PIMP.

PIMPIN' TIMEEEH!! So, I've decided to be more 'active' on my graphics communities recently and I'm learning a lot with those challenges/lims/awards comm's. So, If you get a chance make sure to visit:

fuselage_lims <-- LOST lims (A last icon maker standing competition community dedicated to the television show Lost and their cast.)

officelims <--- The Office lims.

&& more (coming later).
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Slither icons!! + new layout

So after Christmas, my Christmas layout was totally wasted. I didn't want to make a new year's layout so, I made this one. betaalwayswins betaalwayswins. And since I got screencaps and ideas, I made some icons!! I REEEEAALLY liked this movie!!! A LOT!! I know is low budget. But c'mon. Quotes are AFJKSFJ;SLKDF;AF;AKSLE FREAKING AWESOME. LMFAO. AND NATHAN FILLION = ♥.

please let me know if you like them ^^.
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And so it is Christmaas! LOVE IS ALL AROUND !!!

I'm not doing the whole wishlist thing, 'cause all I want for christmas is peace. and love. and health. What I've been thru the whole year SUCKED really big time.

I'm sending cards to everyone I did last year so, if you got a card from me, you're prob. receiving one this year again (yay me!)!!! (If your address changed, please let me know!!!). New people: PLEASEE SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS!! I'd loove to send you a x-mas card :D comments will be screened!

So, as I get really, really, REALLY excited with mail (lol i'm just freaking weird) please send me a carrd!! :) or postcard, or photo, or drawings, or whatever you want to send me!!! *HUGS MAILMAN*

mail information

well this would be a real love xmas present.